Лас-Вегас, США

Grand Canyon by car

Being in Las Vegas, try to find time for traveling to the Grand Canyon and you will get incredible impression!

Being in Las Vegas, try to find time for traveling to the Grand Canyon and you will get incredible impression!

Гид тура
Лос-Анджелес, США
595 $
за тур
Soviet writers Ilf and Petrov, who visited Grand Canyon at the beginning of the last century described as follows: “We have a giant mountain range, matched each at the base, turn it upside down and press into the plain, covered by forest. Then it is taken out and we have a formation of mountain range at residue. These are “opposite mountains”. This is Grand Canyon.” Tour program. No description can really prepare a person for the scale and grandeur of this giant canyon, spread as long as you can see, it is a grandiose complex of canyons, waterfalls, caves, towers, ravines and ledges. It seems that Grand Canyon looks differently every time, and the Sun and shadows from the drifting clouds make the rocks to change its colors from black and purple-brown to pale-pink and blue-gray. The West side of Grand Canyon is situated on the territory of Ualapai Indians, and this trip will give you a unique opportunity to know more about their culture and traditions. During this tour you will see the «Skywalk» Glass Bridge – a miracle of engineering! Its walls and floor are made of 10 cm glass that is so clear that visitors feel that they walk right through the clouds. You will see wonderful view of Grand Canyon and Colorado river. Its unique and wild nature will touch you deeply with its unbelievable beauty and make a lot of impressions! Duration - 8 hours. Price: group from 1 to 3 travelers - $ 595, group from 4 to 6 travelers - $ 695. My vehicles: Honda Odyssey 2018, Mercedes Sprinter 2018, Toyota Camry 2017. Included: guide services and transfer. Not included: tickets.
Типы экскурсий
На природе
Размер групп
До 6 человек
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