Лас-Вегас, США

Viva Las Vegas!

If you have 2 days, take the time to travel to the brightest place in the world – brilliant Las Vegas!

If you have 2 days, take the time to travel to the brightest place in the world – brilliant Las Vegas!

Гид тура
Лос-Анджелес, США
1 360 $
за тур
Even if you are not a fan of casinos, you will still be interested in this tour: galleries, restaurants, clubs, shows, musicals and concerts will appear before you in all its variety in Las Vegas. Ancient Rome is nearby Paris of the 1920s, in the hotels there are wonderful zoos and aquariums, fountains make shows and volcanoes erupt on the streets, fashionable boutiques attract with their showcases and gondoliers with beautiful voices, riding happy tourists through the canals of Venice. Day 1: Los Angeles – Las Vegas. Morning departure from the hotel in Los Angeles and arrive in Las Vegas in the afternoon. Lunch, city tour. During the tour you will visit the most interesting and significant casino hotels of the famous Strip in Las Vegas: Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Wynn, Venetian, Paris, New York, Luxor. Bright and unique like big cities, they will surely impress you with its luxury, elegance and scale. The past of Las Vegas will slightly show you its mystery after a visit to the old part of the city. In the evening you will have an opportunity to see Las Vegas by yourself and visit one of its colorful shows. Day 2: Las Vegas – Calico – Las Angeles. Departure from hotel in Las Vegas, arrive in the ghost town of Calico in 2 hours. This place has a rich history that started in 1881. Calico was a village of miners, who were attracted by the opportunities for silver and borax mining. During its activity 86 million dollars of silver and 45 million dollars of borax were produced. This town had problems in 1980, because price of silver fell down, but it stayed alive due to borax sells. In time this source of income was finished, and the town finally died in 1907.
After this tour you will go back to Los Angeles. Duration - 2 days. Price: group from 1 to 3 travelers - $ 1360, group from 4 to 6 travelers - $ 1650. My vehicles: Honda Odyssey 2018, Mercedes Sprinter 2018, Toyota Camry 2017. Included: guide services and transfer. Not included: hotel and show tickets.
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