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Why should I work with you?

The tourist market is huge, and it's not easy to meet a tourist with a guide directly. We know where and how to look for tourists, and are ready to bring them to you. Registration and accommodation of profiles is free of charge, the addition of excursions is not limited. Trusting us, you do not lose anything, only a few minutes to complete the profile.

Can I work with other services and catalogs at the same time?

Yes, we do not limit you in any way. You can have a constant job, cooperate with other portals. We only sometimes will throw you an orders :) Only work hard please fill in the availability calendar, so as not to disappoint tourists cancellation.

How to get payments?

At the time of booking, the tourist chooses: pay the full order cost through the site, or make a deposit. You will see this in the "order status". If the payment was through the site, then the next day after the tour, if there were no complaints from the tourist, the funds will be available to you for withdrawal to a bank card, bank account or available in your country electronic payment system.

Do I need to add excursions?

First, the more your offers will be on the site, the higher the chance that the tourist will find you. Secondly, the profile of the guide without excursions may seem empty, and the tourist will make his choice in favor of the guide who offers interesting excursions, even if he bookings with payment by an hour.

How can I up my profile in the search?

There is no straight way of upping. We have a complicated system of rotation. Subsequently, it will be fully translated into the neural network algorithm of personal recommendations. To be in top line of the search, follow this: 1) Fill in the profile as much as possible, preferably in different languages 2) Add more unique and author's excursions 3) Remind tourists after the tour to leave a review about you.

What if I do not agree with the response?

If you are not deserved put a low score, you can challenge it through

How is the booking? (confirmation, cancellation, calendar)

With a new order you will receive a notification requesting confirmation of the order. Please do it as soon as possible. For efficiency, you can use the mobile version of the site or the app. If you do not confirm the order, but at the same time in your calendar the day was free, or you often cancel the confirmed orders - you risk getting the account freeze, and then blocking.

How to use the short address for the business card?

The short address for the business card you can put on the usual business cards next to the phone or in social networks, so that potential customers can get informed with your excursions, reviews and employment calendar through a convenient interface. And if necessary, booking. By increasing the number of orders and reviews made through Guider, you thereby increase the reputation "weight" of your profile, go higher in the search result and get even more orders.

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