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Do I need to register?

To search, registration is not needed, but when booking it will be required so that the guide can contact you. It's fast.

How to contact guide?

After approve booking by guide, you can contact him via menu "Messages"

How can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel up to 1 week before the visit and be refunded 100% of the service price. If you cancel between 2 days and 1 week before the visit, there is a 15% cancellation charge, but you will be reimbursed the remaining 85% of the service price. Please note that in these 2 cases, the guide can request that you reimburse them for their expenses regarding your booking (e.g. museum tickets). From 2 days before the visit, you are no longer able to cancel your booking and will have to pay 100% of the service price.

What if the guide did not come or service was bad?

The guide can order a payment only the day after the excursion. Therefore, you have enough time to write to us at - we will check the information and make you a refund.

How is the booking and what advantages to pay via Guider?

At the time of booking you will be asked to pay a deposit of 15% of the cost of the service, and the rest will be paid in cash to the guide on the day of the excursion; or pay a full 100% cost on the site. Payment on the site guarantees the security of payments, we do not store the card data, you enter them on the billing side. We pay the guide only the day after the excursion, if you did not appeal with complait. If there is a dispute between the tourist and the guide, where the participants can not come to a single decision, we will help to solve it. You do not need to transfer an advance payment to a stranger, for fear that the service will not be provided. You do not need to prepare small cash in advance.

What is the difference between booking a guide and booking an excursion?

When booking an excursion, you get a prepared route with a fixed duration and pay for a person in the group. By booking a guide, you pay for his hour and can form an excursion with him specifically for you, based on your preferences and free time.

What happens if the guide do not approves or cancels the tour that I have booked?

You can choose alternative guide or will receive a full refund.

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